Commercial License

We offer a commercial license for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes through the Steam Site License program. This license allows you to use the game in a public and/or commercial setting, such as a cybercafé or arcade. Each purchase is valid for one seat.

The site license is a subscription with an initial cost of $29.99 USD, and a recurring monthly cost of $9.99 USD (or Steam conversion for your region).

To learn more about the Steam Site License program and sign up:

After signing up for the Steam Site Licensing program you should see the option to purchase the commercial license when you go to the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Steam store page.

Use of the game's title or logo for promotional purposes is permitted but cannot be used to imply endorsement by Steel Crate Games, nor can it be used to claim credit or imply ownership of the game. References to the game should link to where applicable. Modification of the game to remove, replace, or add branding is not allowed without permission.

Please note this this only covers the license for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Should you use virtual reality hardware, it may have additional licensing terms and restrictions with respect to commercial use.