Steel Crate Games
Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Founding date:
January 23, 2014


Press / Business Contact:

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes


We're a group of Ottawa-based indie developers who came together to make a game about defusing a bomb in virtual reality.


During the Global Game Jam 2014, Ben, Allen, and Brian teamed up to make a small game about defusing a bomb in virtual reality. While it was just a 48 hour prototype, the resulting video garnered a hugely positive reaction from gamers and press. Spurred on by the hype, the team decided the concept was worth pursuing full time and put together a plan to make "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" a full-fledged title. To make things nice and official, the company was needed and thus Steel Crate Games was born.

Ben Kane

Independent game developer, founder of Going Loud Studios, and creator of DLC Quest.

Brian Fetter

Software developer, founder of Bitstim, and creator of awesome Shopify plugins.

Allen Pestaluky

Game developer (recently turned independent!) and Starwhal enthusiast.




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